We support our clients beyond the ceremony, so they can enjoy an intentional life together and a legacy they can cherish.

This is Ascend Together. 

So why, then, are eloping couples still tasked with so many tedious, tiresome tasks? Here, we've eliminated that question with our all-inclusive approach to elopement planning and documenting. At Ascend Together, we handle every facet of your elopement from coordinating logistics to documenting the little details, so you can experience your elopement the way you intended to — blissfully, enthusiastically, and entirely free of stress. 

elopements are meant to be a pure, uncomplicated, stress-free celebration of love

Ascend Together began with a simple realization

this is so much more than a job for us

This is our passion and our mission. It’s what lights our hearts on fires and gets our booties out of bed in the morning. 

Why? Because that’s just not the way we roll. Your relationship is forever, and we’re here to help you keep things passionate, intentional, and blissful. 

That means that when it comes to your vision and your needs, we’ll always have a team member who can serve you the way that best suits you. 

Our team is diversely gifted and passionate. 

Our time serving you and your partner doesn’t end at “I do.”

We have a background in helping couples build and maintain healthy, lasting relationships. Your engagement is a pivotal, momentous time in your relationship, and we’re here to help you make the most of it. 

Our expertise goes far beyond logistics and creative work. 

It's to create an environment in which you and your partner are able to feel at ease and deepen your relationship, while crafting an intentional elopement experience for you.

Our priority isn’t to tick off to-dos for your elopement. 

I grew up as a wedding videographers daughter and  started my own elopement photography business in 2018. I continuously saw my couples undercut their day because it wasn't as robust full of stuff like the traditional weddings. I loved being able to guide them to make it unique and special to them experience.

In late 2021 I decided to expand my business because I knew our couples deserved more than just a quick courthouse elopement with little to no documentation. I wanted our couples to enjoy their wedding planning, be truly present on their day, and create it to reflect who they are all without dealing with the planning and logistics of it all! Ascend Together Elopements, Planning and Documenting was formed!

In addition, I knew our couples needed both video & photo documentation. I got a hold of my parents wedding video from the early 90's and watching them young and in love was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I wanted all of our couples to have documentation for their legacy to cherish with that same feeling.



not just any moment documented, but true no stress bliss that allows full presence on the day your vows are read.

documentation leaves a cherished legacy

why we document the way we do...


At Ascend Together, we handle every facet of your elopement, so you can experience your day the way you intended to — blissfully, enthusiastically, and entirely free of stress.

We don't mean to brag, but we sort of do it all

Dana shular

founder & photographer

Similar to the Beatles, but not as famous or musically gifted

The Ascend Together Team

Hey! I currently live with my 5 kids, pup, and hot husbabe in the heart of Northern California. I love exploring the breathtaking beauty that California offers, from the oceanside, to the redwoods, to the mountains with eloping couples. You'll also find me on my computer having a blast coaching other photographers in their business. When I'm not working I am spending time with my little gremlins and having take out date nights with my husband. 

Intention, presence, and love are at the heart of deeper human connection and as a photographer I am passionate about slowing down those fleeting moments as much as possible. A photo is not enough to pause time its the way a moment is experienced that can live on. Creating an unforgettable, connective experience and documenting that is what lights my heart on fire!

plan my elopement for me!

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Let's get to know each other!

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