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You thought it would be less stressful, but you have come to realize the planning process is still stressful even without the big shebang of a traditional wedding!

You want a day that celebrates YOU

You want a wedding that's entirely done for you and stress-free

You don't want your wedding to feel like a performance

You want a day that celebrates YOU

You want a wedding that's entirely done for you and stress-free

You don't want your wedding to feel like a performance

You've made the decision to elope for a reason


Where do you envision yourself? How do you spend your day? Now, let's build your wedding day around that experience. Toss aside the expectations, rulebooks, and obligations. Your elopement is no one's but your own, and we can help you make it a reality. You bring the vision and the romance, and our team will plan and document your day for you. Simple as that. 

Close your eyes. Visualize a perfect day spent with your partner.

How your marriage begins matters.

No really, it is possible. Trust us. At Ascend Together, we take all of the stressful factors into our own hands. The booking, logistics, planning, vendor coordination, documenting, travel planning - you name it. All you need to focus on is loving all over one another while you bask in your engagement and await the elopement of your dreams. 

We make a stress-free engagement possible. 

But for real...

There's no place for worry, hassle, or obligation in an engagement. Allow yourself the space to be present, and appreciate this significant time with your partner.

This period of your life is temporary, beautiful, and extraordinary.



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Not be limited by venues, expectations, or the needs of others. When you elope, your options are endless. 

Have freedom to be entirely yourself, not the polite host or hostess a large gathering requires you to be.

Ditch the stress of expectations and preconceived wedding stereotypes - no performances or people-pleasing necessary.

Have more quality and intentional time with your partner to really soak in the significance of your day.

A done-for-you elopement allows you to...

Couples who choose to elope tend to prefer investing in experiences over anything else. At Ascend Together, we offer our clients the opportunity to save on their elopement, enjoy a luxurious, stress-free experience, and preserve their day with stunning photos and video. Allow yourself to you remember your elopement through more than just memories.

...yes, the average

The average cost of a wedding in California is $50,000

We provide you with stunning, documentary-style footage and jaw-dropping images that perfectly capture the magic of your elopement. 



You show up for the most amazing day of your life, and our experienced photographers and videographers document every moment of your day.



The team goes to work to make that vision come to life with you involved of course!



Meet your personal planner and documentation team and create the vision



Hop on a consultation call to select the elopement experience that best suits your vision.



Send us an inquiry to get the ball rolling.



If it sounds simple, that's because it is

Here's how it works

check out the experience

Just because you're opting for an intimate celebration, it doesn't mean you won't want to share it with those you love. With a done for you elopement, your friends and family can experience your day alongside you, and you can continue to share your memories with future generations. 

You can relax, breathe, and take your day in stride. No rushed schedules, no pressure to fit a time crunch - just an effortless day celebrating your love.

Memories are fleeting, but full documentation allows you to preserve and cherish them forever!

than a last-minute, thrown-together elopement plan.

you deserve more

- Ashley Gossen

She was nothing less than amazing. She brought this sense of calm to my wedding day that is indescribable. We had a few hiccups with my special day and Dana STILL helped me stay calm and game planned on how to make my day special.

Dana rocked all my expectations and then some.

- Zac Blasdel

We were so excited to share our photos with friends and family and everyone responded by incredulously asking who our photographer was - Dana is AMAZING!

Dana treated us to engagement photos that we will never forget.

- Chelsea Allen

Eloping in an area you are unfamiliar with can be challenging and Dana did an amazing job figuring EVERYTHING out for us. She gave us SOOO many options for a small family elopement and scheduled the entire timeline of the day.

looking for a way to schedule a stress free elopement look no further

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