Your wedding vows are a big deal, and there are approximately 3 bazillion ways to go about them. Some couples choose to exchange pre-written vows, while others opt for writing their own. Others keep their vows more general and to the point. Some prefer to throw in a bit of personal razzle-dazzle or humor. Some […]

Beautiful Blue Tahoe, California, brings in approximately 2.7 visitors per year. When we first heard that statistic, we thought, “okay, yes, that makes sense. Tbh we would visit Tahoe 2.7 million times per year all by ourselves if we could.” Tahoe is a paradise preserved in time. Sugar Pines and White Firs occupy every square […]

The Elopement Conversation If you and your partner are planning on or considering eloping, it’s likely that those two words may give you a case of the heebie-jeebies for one reason or another. We get it. Announcing and discussing your decision to elope with or without friends and family can be stressful. And if you’re […]

Let’s talk elopement cost. Eloping offers a bold, fun, and exciting start to a new chapter in life. And every eloping couple is doing so for a different reason! Some couples choose to elope to avoid the stress of a traditional wedding. Others do it because it just feels more them. Some choose to elope […]

Welcome to Hiring Your Elopement Photographer/Videographer 101. Let’s kick this thing off with a quick myth-busting session, shall we? There are so many misconceptions floating around regarding elopements. We could write a whole blog about them (In fact… we sort of have. You can check it out here!). One misconception we hear quite often is […]

Twenty years ago, if you told someone you were eloping, it probably meant you were heading to Vegas to have an Elvis impersonator officiate your ceremony and shower you in poker chip confetti. Now, it’s something totally different. Elopements (especially amidst the pandemic) are becoming increasingly popular. Every day it becomes clearer and clearer to […]

So, you’re thinking about eloping in California, eh? If states were people, California would be that one person we all know who’s got it all going on. A lovable personality that draws everyone in, breathtaking natural beauty, every likable quality you could imagine – essentially … Beyonce. Need we say more? If you’ve made it […]

Let us start by saying this: there’s only one rule for planning an elopement. ONE RULE. And that rule is that there are no rules ever. No two elopements look the same, and that’s what makes the whole idea of eloping pretty flippin’ wonderful. The way you envision, plan, and carry out your elopement should […]

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