How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Elopement

Mar 4

Dana Shular

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You know that feeling where you get on Pinterest to look one thing up, and three hours later you’ve forgotten why you logged on in the first place and you’ve planned an elaborate bathroom remodel for your imaginary castle in the rainforest? It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

Pinterest is a total gold mine for every project or idea under the sun. It’s jam-packed with dreamy inspiration, creative ideas, life hacks and everything in between you never knew you needed. And if you’re planning an elopement or wedding, this website is the bomb diggity.

BUT, planning your elopement on Pinterest can give way to some road bumps …

The endless inspiration can be overwhelming, it can be difficult to remain organized, and if you haven’t already gotten cracking on your elopement pinning, knowing where to start can be a daunting task.

That’s where we come in!

Welcome to your guide to mastering your elopement pinning like a true artist — not just for yourself, but for your elopement vendors as well! Vendors love it when you provide them with a well-organized Pinterest board. It helps them to serve you to the best of their ability and get a visual understanding of what you’re envisioning for your day.

Step 1: Make a board

To create your board, head to your profile and click the (+) button in the upper-righthand corner, then click “Board.” Choose a name for your board (something insanely creative like, we don’t know, “Elopement Inspiration”).

Step 1: Create your board
Click the button in the righthand corner, then select “Board”
Choose a name for your new board
Next, choose a name for your board, then click “Create”

But seriously, here are some first-class elopement Pinterest board name ideas we’ve thought of just for you …

  • The Great Vault of Elopey Goodness

  • More Like CANaloupe

  • Mushy Love Thingies

  • Makeout Session But Make it Fancy

  • This is Kind of a Big Deal

  • Love Stuff

  • The Elopement Agenda

  • Flowers, Rings, and Marriage Things

  • Lovey Dovey Lovey Dovey Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss

Once you’ve created your board, you can share it with anyone else you want to see it — this could be your partner, your planner, your besties, your dog, your favorite barista, you name it. To share your board, click the (…) button next to your board name, and select “Share.” BUT, let’s be real. This is your elopement, and there’s nothing wrong with keeping all of this private and to yourselves!

Step 2: Organize it into sections

Organizing your board into sections will be super helpful when it comes to staying on top of things and decreasing clutter. Plus, as always, your vendors will thank you for it. When you organize your board into specific sections, it helps those working with you to understand every detail of your elopement vision.

To create sections for your board, simply open up your board, click the large (+) button, and select “Section.” Just like you were creating your initial board, select a name for this one.

Open up your board, and add the sections you’d like by clicking the (+) button

Here are some sections we recommend creating …


Ever seen a photo of a couple exchanging vows next to a cactus and thought “hmm yep, that’s a cool place to get hitched”? Pin that! Your location pins should showcase settings and scenery that speak to you. These photos don’t necessarily need to have a couple in them — just types of locations that give you heart eyes. These photos don’t even need to be taken in the country you’re planning to elope in. They just need to give yourselves and your team a solid idea of what locations draw you in.

Decor and Styling

Decor and styling includes all the little details that make up the vibe of your day — the centerpieces, the fairy lights, the aisle decorations, and everything in-between. If you’re not sure what you want your wedding vibe or theme to be, don’t sweat it! Our recommendation is to search “wedding decor,” “wedding style,” or “wedding theme” to get an idea of what other folks are doing and get some inspiration from them. After that, just start pinning the things that speak to you! Once you start doing this, you’ll get a better idea of what you like.

If you’re not sure on the specifics of what you want, but you know you have a certain style (boho, Scandinavian, modern, farmhouse, eclectic, etc.) use those describing words and search them alongside “wedding” for inspiration.


This one is as simple as it sounds. What flowers are you drawn towards? Do you like certain kinds of flowers (roses, peonies, sunflowers)? If you don’t like flowers, do you gravitate towards dried florals, grasses, greenery? If you aren’t sure and just know when you see something you like, search for “wedding flowers” and save whatever piques your interest!

Color Scheme

Do you and your partner have a favorite color? Are there certain tones or palettes you’re generally drawn to? Want your colors to work with your backdrop? To help home in on your color scheme, look at your styling/decor section to get an idea for what colors show up consistently in pins you’re drawn to.


This one is exactly what it sounds like. Find inspiration for what you and your partner want to wear on your big day! Save your outfit pins to the same board to get a sense of what they’ll look like together.

Reminder: consider outfits that will make sense for your location and season. If you’re unsure how to make your dream outfit work with your location, don’t worry! We’ve gotchu covered! We have all the tips and tricks to make your dream outfit a reality.


Everything you want to eat on the day of your elopement goes here! What makes your mouth water? Do you like tacos? Do you want ice cream? What about donuts or a charcuterie board? This is just one more amazing way you can personalize your day and celebrate with something you love!


Where do you imagine yourselves staying the night you get hitched? How about the nights before and after? Whether you want to camp out in the deserts or go all-out extravagant, there are plenty unique lodging options for you and your partner to plan for your elopement. Does a cute oceanside bungalow appeal to you? Renting out an ancient castle in the mountains? Seriously, the sky is the limit here. Even if you’re unsure what’s available near where you’re eloping, you can pin your dream lodging and bring it all to life from there.


Do you want to do anything fun to celebrate with your fiancé before you elope? Maybe you want to do something after? You can save things in this section to get you two inspired for fun excursions to enjoy together in celebration of your elopement. Some examples: couples massages, wine tasting, picnic on the beach, kayaking, skydiving, snorkeling, hiking at a national or state park, going off-roading in a Jeep, etc. What sounds fun to you?!

Family & Friends

Do you want to incorporate your close family and/or friends in your elopement? What does that look like? Having them spray the champagne while you smooch, joining you on the hike to your ceremony space, a group picnic, etc.? Saving your ideas on Pinterest will help you to move forward with how you and your partner want them to be a part of your day.

Step 3: Start pinning

Now it’s time for the fun part! We have a method for pinning that’ll help you stay organized and truly home in on your vision. It looks something like this:

1. Pin 5-10 things in each section that speak to you

Under each of your sections, save 5-10 pins that catch your eye. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is really easy to over-pin and lose sight of your vision because there are too many options. Keep it simple and intentional

2. Meet with those involved

Is there anyone else involved in your planning process? If so, meet with them to discuss what you’ve saved so far. Get their thoughts, chat about your preferences, and take notes!

3. Narrow it down and find a direction

Once your team has seen your pins, you’ll be able to work together to hone in on what’s a “must” for your day — this will help determine your direction moving forward and hash out a game plan!

Step 4: Give yourself a pat on the back!

It may seem simple, but creating an organized Pinterest board is one of the biggest steps toward planning your ultimate dreamy elopement. It helps you and everyone else involved in your day to get a solid grasp on your vision, and from there, making it a reality is so much easier!

If you have any questions about using Pinterest to plan your elopement, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Good luck, and happy pinning!

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Mar 4

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